According to Diario Sur, in 2018 three new hotels will be inaugurated in the old town of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol.
The councillor for industry and the public thoroughfare, José Eduardo Díaz, explained that the city Council has granted the installation license to the three establishments that are “already being built” in Calle Ancha and the squares Santo Cristo and San Bernabé.
On the other hand, the politician noted that the new owners of the emblematic Hotel Don Miguel, Magma Hotels and Resorts, have “new license to install as a hotel in the city and that allows them to grant works licenses”. The consistory approved the partial demolition project to rebuild it. Its reopening, to be carried out under the management of Club Med, will imply an economic investment close to 70 million euros.
Last Wednesday was inaugurated another luxury accommodation of 11 rooms and suites in Puerto Banus at the hands of the Avantum group: The Boutique Hotel the Touch Puerto Banús, which has been integrated into the facilities of Casa Club, an old luxury villa in the area of Cortijo Blanc Co (San Pedro Alcántara). Its prices will oscillate from 140 euros in low season to 1,500 in high season.

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